Christmas Cupcakes from Little Sins Cupcakery

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Cupcakes are one of those things you see popping up everywhere lately. With a number of baking television shows and a huge increase in cupcake centre pieces at weddings and parties , the cupcake is becoming increasingly more popular day by day.


I was thrilled to test a few of the Little Sins Cupcakery Cupcake Mixes. They are all priced at a reasonable price of £5.99 and can be purchased at Amazon. The first great thing I noticed about this mix was the cute packaging. Inside the small, colorful tube was the bagged mix as well as instructions for the cupcakes, cupcake cases and a recipe for their cream cheese and buttercream frosting (which you have to make from scratch).


The only ingredients you need that are not included in the pack are milk, butter and eggs for the cake mix, plus more butter, icing sugar for the icing. I immediately got to work on the cake ingredients and they came together very quickly. Before I knew it, I had a dozen cupcakes baking away in the oven!!


While my kitchen became filled with a yummy scent of fresh cupcakes, I whipped up the the buttercream  following the enclosed recipe (super duper easy).  After I took the cupcakes out and let them cool, I iced them and placed a few festive toppers on top of the cupcakes. As you can see from the photo, they really look like the real thing! (pretty professional if I say so myself).


I do love the idea of having a Little Sins Cupcakery mix stored away so when in a rush there is no need to weigh out all the flour sugar etc, its simple, quick and produces great results!

These cupcakes would be great for any special occasion; birthday parties, bookclubs, baby showers and even just for afternoon tea. Plus with the super cute packaging these mixes would make a great gift for adults aswell as children.

Some of my family tested other flavors of the mixes including Double Chocolate, Red velvet and Carrot cake. All the feedback I received was extremely positive.

To buy on Amazon now click here.


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  • Reply Radha April 11, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Wow its so yummy taste and the decoration is nice A celebration without cupcake is an event without lightings

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